Located in Forest Gate in the London Borough of Newham, Daken House is a former care home owned and operated by the Kendon Settlement LLP charity. Due to the high costs of running Daken House, the charity ceased operations as a care home and the building has been operated as a bedsit for the past two years and has fallen into disrepair and is now a hot-spot for crime and anti-social behaviour.

In a joint venture between Kendon Settlement LLP & SAV Group the existing building will be refurbished and extend to accommodate a high quality 95 room HMO, complete with over 400m2 communal space. Modulor Studio have been working closely with the clients as well LBN Council to develop a scheme that brings a derelict site back into use, and positively contribute to the streetscape and local working community.

Due for Full Planning Submission in the 2nd quarter of 2018 following a final Pre-application meeting with LBN Council.

Date: 2017-2018

Type: Shared Living

Status: Planning 

Construction Cost: not available

Services: RIBA stages 1-3

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