Modulor Studio have been commissioned by Lambeth Council to design factory made modular housing system to help alleviate the shortage of temporary housing accommodation across the borough. Based on the most universal and transportable modules, the volumetric system has been designed to respond to a range of contexts, either single or multi-storey, and clad to respond appropriately to the surrounding characteristics of a given site. The system can be developed  speedily and used in either a temporary or permanent scenario, with the minimum of disruption, and can also be relocated to differed sites in different configurations with ease.

Interlocking and stackable modules provide living space for 3, 4 and 5 people respectively, depending on the need of a particular site. Spatially, units have been designed to give the most efficient layout with the space available and are fully compliant with National Space Standards for Houses in Multiple Occupation. Additional components provide external space in the form of a balcony or terrace, with shading elements if necessary, while facade elements are designed to be applied according to the use of internal space.


Date: 2018-2019

Type: Offsite temporary housing

Status: RIBA stage 3

Construction Cost: not available

Services: RIBA stages 1-3

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